Entrepreneur 12 Month Reading Challenge

A new year is starting for yourself and your business.  As entrepreneurs and individuals we are often setting measurable goals and brainstorming ways of increasing success this time of year.  It is also a time to set educational goals that keep your mind curious. One of the best ways with far-reaching influence is reading. Put those shiny new gift cards to good use with this 12 month challenge on bettering yourself and your business!

Use these prompts to cultivate the powerful habit understood by ultra-successful people: reading

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Entrepreneur 12 Month Reading Challenge

  1. A book about habits or routines
  2. A book that uplifts
  3. A book that challenges you
  4. A book written by a boss lady
  5. A book about leadership
  6. A book about focus or purpose
  7. A book about happiness
  8. A book to learn something new
  9. A book about business or entrepreneurship
  10. A best seller on success or mindset
  11. A motivational book
  12. A success self-help book written this year

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