Morning Routine – 12 Tips to a Great Morning

12 daily habits & tips to change your life through small daily actions over time.

Do you have a morning routine?

Over the years the only two constants with my morning routine is that I have one and that it changes, haha!

Although I’ve adapted it many times to meet my needs and situation, I’ve noticed that there are 12 things that I also keep in one way or another.

Cultivating a morning routine has changed my life. It has helped me through anxiety, navigating trials, moves and job changes. I have been so surprised to find that routine keeps me centered and balanced, ready to win my day.

  1. Wake up earlier. Over the years, wake up time has been different for me. It has changed depending on babies, teenagers, work and seminary. However, no matter what time I need to be up, I wake up an hour before I need to in order to fit in my favorite morning habits. 
  2. Soul Time. For me this currently looks like prayer, a gratitude journal, a daily reflection journal, Come Follow Me study, a conference talk and listening to Jesus the Christ. I have tried adding meditation a few times and so far it hasn’t stuck but I love the idea of calming my mind. For others this can look like affirmation, meditation, anything that keeps your soul centered and happy. 
  3. Make Bed. This one is so important for me. I love to walk into my bedroom to a tidy, clean room and my bed takes up a huge part of it! I don’t make my bed on Sundays. That day’s routine looks different for me. Intentionally.
  4. Hydrate. This one took a while to figure out. The minute I walk downstairs I see all the things that need to be done during the day and it instantly shifts my focus. I now keep 4 water bottles filled and next to my bed. I grab one and drink it. I also keep a 5th small water bottle that I fill up at night with 8 oz of lemon water. It wakes me up, I love morning lemon water.
  5. Learn. This changes all the time and I love it. I thrive on learning new things. Currently each morning I listen to a self-development book or podcast, and part of whatever Skillshare I am working on. I also memorize a quote, I enjoy having positive sayings that my mind can pull up.
  6. Tidy. Each morning I set my time for a 10 minute tidy. Part of my nightly routine is to shine my sink (any other fly lady fans out there?) so my kitchen is typically clean when I wake up. I like to walk through my house and tidy each room, I never go longer than 10 minutes but I keep from really ever needing to do a big cleaning day. I bring a load of laundry and start it. I swish one toilet and sweep or vacuum one of my rooms. This usually doesn’t take 20 minutes total.
  7. Move your body. Every morning, I do a handful of yoga stretches, 50 jump squats, 50 lunges and a minute plank. Then a dog walk. There are days I don’t make it to the gym so getting these in makes sure I have done something.
  8. Get ready for the day. This includes face yoga, a shower and sometime makeup, haha!
  9. Fuel your body. I typically have a protein shake because I am heading to the gym after my morning routine is done.
  10. Review your goals. This is a new one this year and I love it, I pull out my goal timeline and look through it. I am shocked how well this helps me stay on track.
  11. Choose your ‘one thing’. If you haven’t read the ‘ONE Thing’ by Gary Keller, I highly recommend it. It will shift your goal making and to-do mindset. Essentially I choose one thing that will make the most impact on my life goals.
  12. Serve. I like ending on this one. After focusing on my growth, I love turning my heart outward. I enjoy quiet reflection on who I can serve today and how.

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