a bit about me

I will: never  have it all together

i wish: on falling stars

i dislike: gluten…or, I rather like it but this here body has a firm aversion to it;)

i miss: open fields and crickets at night

i fear: there are too many things i want to do and not enough time to do them.

i feel: adored + loved by my husband

i need: to get off the computer and to the gym

i hear: the lovely sound of my children laughing on the trampoline

i smell: spring coming through my window

i crave: stolen moments

i always: make my bed.

i search: for balance

i sing: taylor swift with lil’ miss T at the top of our lungs

i wonder: where my phone is…

i regret: nothing.

i love: mornings, thunderstorms, my camera + old ford trucks  [and every moment i get with my sweet family]