Sand Play

Kids love experimenting with sand.

Because it is naturally tactile, sand is a perfect way for children explore colors and patterns, of course they don’t care about that, they just want to have fun! 

 Here is an easy art project the kids love…in the back yard (hint, hint).  To introduce the activity we watched this video, she is amazing!! 

Then I let the kids loose to scoop, pour, mix and create.  I have bags of colored sand I got from a craft store that we use in our crafts, but you can make your own with beach sand or salt.  Below is a simple way to make colored sand.

Colored Sand or Salt

Put 2-3 cups of salt or beach sand into a large zip lock baggie.  Add a couple of drops of food coloring (the more food coloring you add the darker and brighter the color gets).  Close the baggie and start mixing with your fingers. Shake the sand around until all the sand or salt is colored.

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