{Leprechaun Kisses}

When the kids got home from school, there were Leprechaun Kisses on each of their school desks.  According to the note, Patrick wasn’t stealing green M&M’s for his own uses, he was making Leprechaun Kisses for the munchkins.  We have yet to figure out how Patrick the Leprechaun got past Mom.

After several failed attempts, Mom was able to duplicate the recipe:

Place mini pretzels on a cookie sheet.

Put an unwrapped original Hershey Kiss on top of each pretzel.

Bake pretzels kisses at 400 degrees for five minutes (or until Kisses are soft).  Take the pretzel kisses out of the oven and place a green “leprechaun” M&M on top of the kiss and gently press part way down.

Apparently Patrick is a rather crafty (no pun intended) Leprechaun, he had the Leprechaun Kisses in a baggie with its own St Patrick’s Day Label.

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