[Photo Blocks Gift]

A little anniversary gift for my husband…

Supplies needed:

  • 1 –  small chalk board
  • 6  –  2” wood blocks
  • 5  –  4×6” pictures cut into 2” squares
  • 1  –  4×6 sheet of patterned paper
  • blue paint
  • mod- podge
  • Rub-Ons

I wanted to make a little “puzzle” that he had to arrange to see the hidden message and pictures.

I had 6 2” blocks that when I put them together would fit 4×6 pictures.  And then I realized I needed something on which to put the 6 blocks.  I found a small chalkboard at a local craft store that had an opening that was exactly 4×6, so the 6 2” blocks fit inside the edges perfectly.

I painted chalkboard edges with blue acrylic paint (make sure to mask off the inside so it doesn’t get painted) and used rub-ons to decorate the inside of the chalkboard.

I cut 5 – 4×6 pictures into 2” squares and mod-podged (is that a word????) them to the 2” wooden squares. I had to trim a couple of the pictures after I had glued them on because the blocks were a little off so I just clipped them off with scissors.  I wrote a note on a 4×6 piece of coordinating patterned paper and cut it into 2” squares and mod podged it to the squares also.  Let dry, arrange on the chalkboard and tied it off with a ribbon.

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