[Remember These Moments] #4

9:00 at night, third time “Mom” has been called back into JJ’s room for another song or more water or who knows what else….

JJ:  “Mom…”

Mom:  “JJ, this is the last time I am coming in here, what do you need?”

JJ:  “Just one more kiss.”

Mom:  “Okay, now, go to sleep.”

JJ:  “Mom…”

Mom:  (a semi-silent “ugh”)  “Yes??”

JJ:  Do kisses rub off?

Mom:  (abashed)  “What honey?”

JJ:  “If I lay down on my pillow are your kisses going to come off?”

Mom:  “Of course not.  Mommy kisses are magic and they never, ever come off!”

JJ:  “Okay, good.  Love you Mom.”

Mom:  “Love you too, sweetie.”  (off I go to eat humble pie!)


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