[Remember These Moments] #1

JJ goes to preschool 3 times a week, and it has taken its toll those he has left behind.  Both Tay and Macey (our dog) wander around a little aimlessly.

Yesterday, Tay was walking around with her FAVORITE pink blanket from Nana.  The blanket was trailing behind her, looking a lot like the many things Jay tempts Macey with.

Macey (who has learned that Tay is a bit more “fragile” than Jay  and therefore doesn’t roughhouse with Tay) had a momentary lapse in judgement and started tugging on Tay blanket.

Tay:  “Macey, don’t pull on my blanket.”

Macey:  Tug, tug.

Tay:  “Macey, if you do that again, I will put you in your timeout chair.”

Macey:  Tuuuug, tug

Tay:  “Okay Macey, you didn’t listen to me.”

Me:  Turning around to see what Tay had in mind, was just in time to see Tay picking Macey up to put her up on a kitchen chair.  “Oh, Tay, Macey doesn’t understand.” I said as I took Macey out of her arms.

Tay:  “Now she does.”

Apparently she did, Macey hasn’t touched the blanket since.  Way to follow through Tay!!

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