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My goodness, but this is true!  I love learning new things but you learn pretty quick that you have a lot of growth to make.  Just never give up.  I have also learned that.

About 6 years ago, I decided to start an Etsy shop.  I had always loved art, had taken so many art classes at college, had been a professional photographer for 5 years but was so ready to start something new that stretched me.  I was sitting at my parents dining room table the day after Christmas and pushed the button to open my shop.  For 6 months I had one item in my shop.  I made a sale here and there but in June I set to work setting up shop.  My shop grew, I met amazing people around the world, and have LOVED every minute (even the times of painful growth has been beautiful!) but that didn’t mean I knew the answer to every thing that came my way.  Lots of reading, learning, support and mistakes later and I am still learning, haha!  It has been so much fun though.

Last week I started something new and it is exciting and scary all at the same time, but love the opportunity!

Try that something new you’ve been saying you were going to do!  Go ahead, scare yourself a little, you will be amazed at who you are this time next year if you stick with it.  I promise!

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